missing my love

I miss my husband so much it hurts tonight. I haven't been able to sleep very well since i've been alone and the past two nights i have tossed and turned more than ever....
After being alone for a couple hours [maybe even a few]... i'm done, thank you. i have to be around people... but even after being around people [even people i love dearly] for a long period of time - i gotta just be with my husband.... but i can't do that. He's hundreds of miles away and the army won't send him back until the end of this week.

I fully admit i'm a total wimp when it comes to being away from my barry. I know there are thousands of women out there that the military claims their husbands for years at a time. I know there are women who have been widowed because of their husband's service and women who have husbands come back from overseas not the husband that left.
I know i have the least to complain about, of any military wife.......

So forgive me.....
but i still miss him dearly and can't wait for him to come home. Don't know what i ever did without that man in my life... no other human being brings so much love and joy to my life!
[love you darling!]


  1. may the time pass quickly til he returns sweetie... <3

  2. I guess I can let Barry be the "no other human being who brings so much love and joy to your life." ;) Love you!

    I'll have one of them someday too ... but until then, you can be it! :D


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