Behind the Scenes or Take Charge

I'm not a behind the scenes person.
Today's experience at work has taught me that.
We didn't have kids today and there are half as many staff members around because Brent and Angie are visiting family in Canada and Barry is away with his unit.
We have busied ourselves with 'behind the scenes work' as i've decided is it's rightful name. Paperwork, phone calls, creating name tags and the like, and just overall busy boring work. It has become clear that if kids weren't in the building everyday... i would have bruises on my forehead for banging it against the wall of boredom. haha you think i'm kidding.... but that would seriously be the case.

The kids are the joy of my job.... getting hugs, executing activities [that have already been planned], chasing them around with bugs, kissing their boo-boos, etc.
I DON'T like sitting in the office on my bum all day. bah. 

It's funny... because in almost every other aspect of life i'm shy and very much let other people take the main lead - i'll be your right hand woman, sure..... but ask me to lead a project. YIKES. When it comes to kids though - i want to be in the action, i want to be right in the middle of the going-ons :)

I wish i could be more of a take charge person. 
I would love to get the gumption and confidence to put my name out there and get the beginnings started on my [future] photography business.
I would love to find the resources to make a little more money so i could travel the world [it'd be ideal if there was enough moolah for my sweetheart to join me].
I would love to have the time to volunteer at a young women's shelter.
I would love to know the secret to getting strangers to find an interest in my blog. ha.

But all of that requires me to put myself out there. 
And. well. i'm not very good at that, if i'm not in my comfort zone.
So i have the soul of a take charge person.... wrapped over with hesitation and lack of confidence. 

I'm hoping it'll get better as i get older.... but i know i'll have to place myself out of my bubble at some point. 
Kinda scary.

What about you? Are you behind the scenes or take charge?

1 comment:

  1. Interesting.
    I can see this in you ... you're a go-getter. You have your introvert tendencies, but you like to DO ... so if you're not able to do, your extrovert comes out!


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