6 things i love about summer

I love everything about summer [except humidity and mosquitoes].... it's a good thing i can only talk about six things or you'd be stuck here for a while [if you didn't give up reading in the first place]. *apology for some of the crappy quality photos that follow.. i had to search the net for some and well.. ya know!

 I really like nature in general... unless it's slimy, sticky or of the insect species. But i love summer nature best of all! i love love love seeing flowers bloom and paint color all over the green canvas spring already created! Poppies, Tulips, Forget-Me-Nots, it doesn't matter... i love em all! It puts an extra spring in my step whenever i see flowers :)

Adventures with friends! Somehow, even though hardly any of my friends are still in school it always seems we have more time in the summer to go on 'adventures' [pretending last summer never happened of course]. Whether it be movie marathons, ice cream runs, walks in the park, photo shoots, cliff jumping, dancin', rappelling, swimming, laying out, bonfires, cookouts - you name some great summer adventure and i'll be grabbing some friends and doing it!

 Perhaps this is a funny thing to LOVE about summer. but i love it nonetheless. Green soft grass is one of the highlights of my summers and even though i can't lie down in it since i moved to Nashville [chiggers are mini demons] i still love seeing it cover what seemed bare during winter and being able to feel it in between my toes when i go out barefoot [something that happens way more than you'd think]. also this picture adds the sky.... which is another thing i love to see - bright blue summer skies!

Beautiful Blue water that doesn't hurt your eyes [such as annoying pool water], laying out on a dock or boat, eating snacks in the shade while you let your sunburnt skin calm down..... ahh. i have fond memories from childhood, adolescence, and even now from adulthood - all involving Lakes and Breezes and Boats and Coolers and Sunburns! It's one of the few places other than bed i can actually fall asleep and the other plus is there are less people to see my rolypoly belly ;)

i LOVE drive-in movies! i mean how cool is it that you can sit in the comfort of your own car or on a picnic blanket on the grass and watch a movie on a big screen! i can't wait to drive way out to Watertown this summer for some supa-fun movie watching with my sweetheart [and friends too if they want to join ;)]!

Summer nights with my sweetheart are the best.... walking around talking or saying nothing at all, holding hands in the park, late night drives, drifting to sleep in the hammock [that we once had]... and all sorts of other mushy lovey stuff that i'll spare the world.... can you tell i miss him? haha.

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  1. 6 things you love every Wednesday ... what a great idea!!!


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