6 things i love about kids

Kids are one of the biggest joys in my life! It doesn't matter if they are the kids i hang out with everyday, a child i see in Walmart, or a munchkin of one of my friends'....... they never cease to make me smile!

Darling Arianna
Hugs from kids are some of the best hugs you'll ever get! 
It's the highlight of my day, at work, to have a bunch of little munchkins swamp me with  hugs and squeezes! I think they bring more energy and joy than any other hugs [and those already do a lot of good for people].

Sweet Breonna
Even in hard times, kids always seem to find something to smile about or a way to have fun.
It astounds me constantly.... i work with kids that live in some of the worst and saddest situations
and yet they're always smiling, just enjoying life!
Beautiful Mya
I love how kids [well, non-spoiled kids] don't care a bit about getting dirty and they have fantastic body images... haha i don't even think they have any sort of body images - that silly stuff doesn't matter to them!

Patrick's Handsome Big Eyes
Kids features are positively gorgeous! Big eyes, chubby little fingers, itsy bitsy toes, 
cute little ears, squishy bellies, and the softest skin ever!
Arianna's Gorgeous Hands

Lil Kelvin
Big cheeky smiles! Nothing is better than when a kid looks up at you and grins!
And when their cheeks perk up and get all poofy.... oh mah gah! i melt!

My Baby Keniia
Children have such a large capacity to love.... they are quick to forgive, love to give hugs, 
will pat you on the back if you are sad, and are some of the easiest [and most fun] people to talk to :)

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  1. Agreed! We are so blessed to work with people under the age of 18!!!!!


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