6 things about barry

In honor of my sweetheart's birthday tomorrow i decided he was the best thing to blog about tonight :)

My Best Friend
Numba 1
Barry is the most perfect husband as a husband can be! I know women saying this becomes white noise.... but for realz. he's amazing! He's unfailingly patient and never fails to show Christ's love to me [and to anyone else for that matter]. I never cease to find more and more ways to look up to him in... and for that i'm incredibly grateful to God for such a godly man!

Ridin a Bike
Numba 2
Barry can find a good time just about anywhere... doing anything! it's refreshing that he doesn't need to go spend money or go do something BIG. He knows how to enjoy the simple things and he's helping teach me to do the same :)

Our Favorite sort of theater seating!

Numba 3
Barry is a bit of a dork/geek.... but an extremely cool, loveable one. He likes Glee and Star Trek but isn't so obsessed that you can make too much fun of him for it! He knows his stuff and doesn't apologize for it and i ADORE that about him! 

Intense game of speed scrabble
Numba 4
Barry is an extremely competitive man but NEVER has a bad attitude when he loses..... something that is rare in men [tell me i'm lyin'] and something i'm grateful to not have to experience or have my kids see when that day comes. It's just another quality that i fell in love with :)

Ridin a Lobster

Numba 5
Probably the goofiest guy i know..... but not immature [well at least not too much...haha]. It doesn't matter where we go..... i know i wouldn't have the same amount of fun if i were without barry! He never fails to bring laughter and smiles to everyone he meets!

Numba 6
He's always smiling! Always loving on me! Always getting me to do new things in life! I can't wait to see what new things he gets me to do this year! There is always a few each year!
That time he asked me to follow him off of a cliff....... :)


  1. God answers prayers abundantly=Barry!! I am so happy for both of you.
    Happy Birthday Barry!

  2. So ... I'm jealous.
    Mostly, I'm jealous of Barry. He does all this cool stuff for you - I want to be as cool as him and be that for you too. That's a weird thing to be jealous of, I think.
    But also, you've got someone like him to spend your life with.
    So thankful you have KB. :)
    Love you both!


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