6 happy things about my day today

So happy to have a Aldi nearby! They've been selling blueberries for half the price of other stores all summer long and have the sweetest strawberries anywhere in Nashville! Love the fact that i can go in and get 2 or 3 containers of both and leave with spending less than $10! It makes my mornings that much more worth getting out of bed when i open the fridge and have fresh fruit to eat rather than a bowl of cereal!

I listen to music constantly... and it's always a day brightener! I usually turn my ipod on in the mornings, on my way to work [if i have control of the radio], and then listen to music on itunes in the evenings at home! I'm so blessed to have music at my fingertips most of the day!

Keniia facebook stalked me last night and came to tell me all that she now knew about me today.... like that i lived in Madison and that i was from Coatesville Indiana.... and so on. She thought she was so clever! It was adorable and made me want to take her home with me even more!

I had a major craving for some stir fry tonight - thankfully i had all the stuff to make it at home - even tempeh! Man was it ever DELISH! I ate so much that i hardly have enough leftovers for lunch! I always impress myself when i make something that looks like a restaurant dish and tonight i was so proud... i just had to show you! 

This is Sara's and my regular routine at night... we goof off online our two seater couch while watching Prison Break or we listen to music and laugh at funny/stupid status' that people put up on facebook. Good times!

The final "happy part of my day" i'll leave you with is this picture of my sweet hubby! I won't sap out online anymore this week..... but I'll say this.... I'm blessed. and also.... isn't my man handsome/sweet/hot/all other manner of words i could use to say good looking? The answer is YES! :)


  1. You sure are obsessed with Barry!!! ... I'm so glad. ;)
    Love you!

  2. I’m pretty sure all of these things would make me equally happy. :)


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