Old Books and Dearest Friends

It was so good spending time with my family this weekend... I got a terribly awesome sunburn, ate yummy vegan food, watched movies and funny youtube videos, my momma cut my hair and loaded me up with all sorts of goodies, and just got some quality hang out time with everyone. I miss doing that stuff with them.

Even though I didn't get any pictures of the fam themselves.... I took some pictures of my brother's collection of old books. My brother is constantly rearranging his room and with his classic style, it always looks fantastic. His books are the typical main focus of his rearranging [because he has SOOO many bookshelves]... and i've always just thought it was cool.

We're such beautiful friends :)

I also got to hang out with my girl Mical Lynn.... it was such a good time.... i miss her so much, so often. We took lots of pictures, walked around outside [all the while avoiding bumblebees], ate popcorn and drank mical's new tea creation - "berry tea", dusted her room, watched a movie and a half, and just hung out :)

I miss my barry tonight. I suppose the first night alone in our home is going to be the hardest.....

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  1. Your mom "loaded you up with all sorts of goodies," huh? Like crap tea? hahaha! Have you been "smooth movin'" since then? Hahaha! Good times, indeed. :D


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