the last night for while

Barry and I are still challenging ourselves to eat at home as much as possible.... in two weeks we've only gone out once! Monday we just had to go to Gabby's... we were rewarding ourselves for our hard work and well... we hadn't had our Gabby's meals in over a week.... we were going into withdraw [it had gotten to the point of going there at LEAST twice a week]. We attempted and triumphed at making stir fry last week when Josh and Kelli came over. Barry made his amazing chicken fried rice and i beasted my first stir fry [with grilled tempeh to boot!]. Everyone agreed it was DELISH and i must say i'm still really pleased that it tasted as good as it did! I wish i had gotten you guys a picture... but i'll have to remember to do that next time.

 I made some super yummy guacamole last night [thank you for teaching me such a simple recipe momma] that Kelli and I devoured this afternoon while Josh, Jordan, and Barry played tennis. It was a good day today... it being the last day we have together before the army takes him away for two weeks we decided a chill day was the best option. We slept in suuuuuuper late, cleaned the house up a bit and then the Taylor's came over. Us girls didn't feel like going out [yes, even just to the park to sit and watch] so we watched my netflix dvd of Gilmore Girls and ate the above mentioned delicacy as well as the remaining bit of hummus i found in the fridge. After our hangout time, Barry and I decided on the makings of our date night [what can we say? we like the spontaneity of last minute]. I had prepared him his favorite home cooked meal - our secret recipe casserole - before the Taylor's showed up... so I popped that in the oven, we reserved "I Am Number 4" at a local RedBox (which was impressively good i thought!) and then went out to redeem my free sandwich at Chick fil A and go splurge a little $ on dessert from Walmart [cheesecake for me and brownies for bear]. So our entire date cost less than $15... how cool is that? 

~Barry and his favorite dish~

We are now watching the first season of Scrubs on netflix...... it's flippin' hilarious! We haven't stopped laughing since we turned it on. It's been a really sweet date night. So i'm going to go back to watching without blogging.... seeing as it is our last night together and all... haha. i think i may be in denial that he'll be leaving for so long. silly army.... drives me crazy sometimes.

I'm going to miss my sweetheart so much.....

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  1. You crack me up! Way to go with eating at home ... and all your cool meals. :)


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