Heaven in a bowl = Chipotle

Doesn't that look divine? Oh mah gah.... the best salad that could ever enter your mouth! Before I got married this was my once a week [at least] joint... and oh how i've missed it. My parents treated me to it for dinner tonight when i got in from the long drive and it was SO YUMMY! If you've never eaten at Chipotle - you really need to try it sometime. If your taste buds don't immediately fall in love, then they are crazy.

So yes... for those that didn't get the memo... i'm in Indiana until Monday afternoon. My parents graciously took care of trip expenses, so i wouldn't be alone for the long weekend :)
Barry leaves the country in just a few hours time..... boooo :(
Trust... me i know i'm a wimp to already be missing him after a few hours - but i'm also blessed to have the kind of man that i miss the way i do... ya know what i mean? *shrug* haha he'd probably roll his eyes - but it's true. love you sweetheart!


  1. Holy Canoli!~ This looks SUPER delicious!

  2. I'm so thankful for Barry ... he's taking care of my bbf :) Love you, Em!


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