Don't want to be a Jonah

my poor little blog. i haven't given it the time of day for nearly a month... i would feel a lot more guilty if there had been things to write about.... but literally i've had nothing worth saying. Or at least that's the way i've felt for a while. No one wants to hear me moan and groan nor do i think that would please my Lord very much.... so i've just chosen to keep my mouth shut.

I listened to someone teach about Jonah on the radio a couple weeks ago and was convicted...... i don't want to be a Jonah.

It's only four short chapters, so it's a quick read.... you can read it all in like 10 minutes. If you haven't ever read it yourself, i'm sure you've heard the story and if you haven't - well, like i said, it's a quick read!
He's basically the most pitiful man alive. Besides the short time he has in the shade of a vine... he is the most unhappy person you'll ever hear about. Complains about every little thing and even when the God of the universe gives him direct instructions - he without a doubt KNOWS what God WANTS from him - he goes the other way, like he can't be bothered by it. All i can think is how i would love to know EXACTLY what God's plan for me is instead of constantly questioning if i'm where i need to be, if i'm doing what i need to be doing... And here's Jonah.... throwing that blessing back in God's face. If that episode of idiocy isn't enough, he goes on to get angry when God shows compassion to Ninevah. He even admits out loud that God is a "...gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity." and then proceeds to beg for death, as if serving a God with these characteristics is a horrible thing...

What a little crap of a man!

So ya... i don't want to complain every other day (on the internet of all places) about my personal trials and tribulations... because if we're being honest.... in the grand scheme of life.... my petty troubles are of no consequence. I will survive just fine.
Besides... talking things out with people who love and care about you, is a far better use of speaking such things in the open.... because then you can gain advice and encouragement instead of just posting a Jonah-like pity party for all to see.

That's my story of why i've neglected my blogging... because i've been down lately and i wouldn't want my posts to turn into a place to vent complaints of little importance. After all... who wants to read that... it would be a bit of a downer dontcha think? haha

Instead, i'll ask that whenever you think of me you just say a little prayer.... because prayer does mightier things than pity!

Have a wonderful rest of this rainy day!

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  1. Oh my, how I am with you ... in wanting to know God's plan for me, that is. I'm sending up a praying for you now, Em. Keep going. God's got it.

    Love you.


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