Just the beach, my sweetheart & me

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory.

This was taken on Cocoa Beach in Florida on our honeymoon.. i think it's a ridiculously beautiful picture. Our honeymoon was probably the best week of my life. After all the wedding craziness it was so nice to just take a breather from the real world and be with my sweetheart all by myself for days. We actually honeymooned in Orlando which was great fun... because we hardly did anything (neither of us are super touristy people and that's tourist central)... but everything we did do was simply a blast! The very last day of our trip, between check out time at our hotel and our departing flight, was spent driving to Cocoa Beach :) It was bliss. We walked down the beach for quite some time before finding a little nook in between beach reeds where we laid down and baked in the sun. We talked and laughed and made art in the sand with weird plants we found... It was a good time!
I absolutely adored it.

1 comment:

  1. I think "bliss" is your favorite word ever. Haha! :D
    And yes, the picture is great! :)


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