i love you mom :)

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been close with for the longest.

I think all of my readers know what my mom looks like - but just in case i have 'hidden' readers.... this is a picture of me and my mum. Isn't she pretty? I think so... and this is her 5am, I'm driving my daughter to the airport look too... so ya know - i've got a pretty mom :)

Anyyyyway :)

Growing up it was always me and my mom... my brother and eventually my baby sister were there too. But during my childhood, my mommy was the constant. Even through middle school - she was still my very best friend. She'd never fail to come in and sit with me when i was sad - just sit.... because i would never know how to talk to her about what was bothering me... so she'd patiently sit with me on my bed and play with my hair until it came out (or even if it didn't). In high school i think it's safe to say that we both drove each other crazy a good majority of the time... but even so, we could somehow step out of our frustration and just talk and giggle like friends.
It's weird being so far away from my mom. I think it's good because it forces me to rely on my husband more, instead of running to my mom when things get tough... but at the same time - i can't help but miss my mum... :)

anyhoo... there's the story behind today's picture. sorry it's posted a couple hours past it's due date.... but ya know, at least i posted before morning :)

ok. i'm up way too late - i'm heading to bed.


  1. sniff, sniff, sniff....
    miss you too

  2. had to read it again...I love you sweetie
    sniff, sniff


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