Hopes for 2011

I don't do New Year Resolutions. Not that my opinion is gold... but I think they are silly.
Even so... I still dream and hope a lot around this time wishing my next year to be many different things... but that's different. no matter what anyone says ;)

I crave to draw closer to my First Love moment upon moment.
I intend to be even crazier in love with my sweetheart by this time next year.
I plan to have all the rooms in my house painted in pretty colors
I want more time to take part in doing things I enjoy.
I want more passion for life... more time to marvel in it.
I want Christ to replace the rot in my heart with the holiness we're supposed to be striving toward as Christians.
I want to find something I'm good at. Seriously... i've always been a girl-of-all-trades. average in just about anything... i just want a couple things - no, even ONE thing- that I'm truly awesome at.
I want to find new ways to show my husband just how thankful I am to call him mine.
I need to be more confident... and this year is as good as any to have God work that in my heart.
I want to walk around downtown and in parks more often... simply because it's something I like doing.
I want to be an expert at operating my camera, so that I can do it half-asleep if the need arises. lol
I will probably know every song on Taylor Swift's new CD, by heart, in just the first few weeks of 2011... and no. you can not rag on me for this [in case you were wondering].
It is my goal to find a way to lessen the amount of halo playing I have to endure. ha. just kidding of course... [not really]
Life would be a lot easier if I could 'settle in' to my new life better... like find a doctor, find my own 'places' i like to hang out at, meet more people outside of work to hang out with, be able to give directions to anywhere a person may need to go, know names to go with at least 90% of the faces I see at church... etc.
Is it weird that one of my hopes is to finally learn how to deal with my own head of hair?

Anyway you get the point.... I want/dream/need/hope to be a more Christ-like, passionate person [with good hair] and comfortable in my own life at the end of this year than I am today.

"The LORD is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him;" Lamentations 3:25

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  1. Haha! This post makes me smile and feel fuzzy inside and yearn for something all at once.
    Love you! And I hope all your hopes and dreams come true!!


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