you didn't last long enough 20-10

This has probably been the quickest year of my life. The best one to be sure, but sadly, the quickest.
The start of the year was spent in a hurry by preparing for the *quote* biggest day of a person's life. ug. i really didn't much enjoy all the planning that went into that day... mostly because i'm not a great planner of big to-do's... but it was worth it :) Our wedding day was perfect... chill, fun, beautiful, and at the end of the day we were married :)
Our honeymoon went by super fast, but i think it's safe to say it was both barry's and my favorite week of this year. It was great having each other to ourselves without a care in the world... not having to worry about work, if we needed to be anywhere, when dinner needed to be ready... nothing. we slept when and for however long as we wanted and we went and got something to eat when we felt hungry. It was pure bliss.
The following couple of months I spent making the house, our home; missing my friends and family, and looking for a job. Once I found said job... time got away from me fast, because I'd get up [too] early, get off, sleep, see barry for a couple of hours after he got off work and go back to bed [too] early so that I wouldn't look like death the next morning at work.... i cried quite a bit during that time. Having the nincanpoomps down at the unit tell us they were going to ship Barry to Afghanistan didn't help matters that much either. But just like every other decision the army makes, they usually change their mind... i just hadn't found that out yet.
My summer was eaten up by work at the Cove. and even though i love those kids with every fiber of my being..... i really didn't appreciate having every ounce of my time sucked up with work.
Fall was a blur. Full of work. Full of kids. And Monday nights at the Taylor's [most looked-forward-to nights of our weeks].
Seriously I can think of nothing other than those three things.
And now here we are. The last day of 2010.
It is beyond crazy to me that I've almost been married for a year. That it's almost been a year away from my family and friends. Nearly a year that I have had to lay my short lived independence aside and continually ask myself how [every]thing i want to do will affect my other half. It's been an adventure. I have my days I really wish I could go on a shopping spree and not worry about the varied sorts of bills that will be due in a week and I have more than a fair share of days that I wish i could decide when I wanted to work, like I used to....
but being married to such a wonderful guy is far worth it.
I am very blessed to have someone I can laugh with, 'discuss' [argue] with, find out stupid quirks to do with our house/cars with, joke with, and just live life with. We have discovered that we have varying tastes and likes and sometimes we just plain annoy each other... but we're still pretty crazy about each other ;) I couldn't ask for a better husband. I've got the best one for me... there aren't many guys who would put up with such a quirky of a girl as this one here, but he LOVES me!

Ok, ok... I got off track, I know. Give me a break... I've been gushing over my husband all week in my head (we've had the whole week off from work and we've just been chilling together and it reminds me how lucky I am), but I'll spare you folks [for now].

So I think I was on the topic of how quickly 2010 flew by and though I didn't outright say it... I plan to find a way to slow down 2011. I want to enjoy this coming year even more. Don't get me wrong, I loved this year of taking on the adventure of having everything you ever knew stripped away from you and having to find ways to live a brand new life, but I won't say I didn't hate it at times.
I'm hoping for a year to find my 'niche' in this new life....
to get back to doing things for the love of it instead of just working and sleeping... I don't know if that makes sense... but it's my hope for this next year.

Ok girls and boys... it's officially midnight. I'm getting off of here.
Enjoy your parties or movies at home!

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  1. Shew! That was a lot! Lots of challenges ... lots of joys ... I'm so glad you have Barry to go through them with you. And I'll do my best to go through 'em with you from good ol' Danville ... and then from wherever else God leads me.
    Love you, BBF!
    Looking forward to hanging out with you more this 2011!!! :)


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