Monday, November 17, 2014

35/52 // 8 Months

Our little pumpkin is eight months old today! 
She's still the happiest, funniest little babe we know!

Praise to the Lord, she has added regular napping back into this picture - she takes about a two and half hour nap most afternoons in addition to her regular 11 hours of sleep at night. What a great kid! We continue to be so thankful that she is a good sleeper and that she loves her sleep because we as her parents love our sleep too! 

She's still only eating two meals a day of baby food. She likes it but she'd definitely rather be nursing. We've found the best way to get her to eat, is to give her solid foods. She likes chicken and turkey and loves squash soup. I just need to get better about giving her the solids more often. 

Belle always has been and my guess is that she always be a mover. Now that she's perfected her crawl - she's all over the house. She goes back and forth between rooms all day, loving her new found freedom. She also pulls up on anything and everything - including walls (I have yet to understand how this is possible, but she does it). We're pretty sure she's going to be an early walker because she's taking steps whenever she's standing.... yikes. In less scary news, she's also playing around with the ways she sits - she likes to position herself next to a wall or object and lean up against it and laugh to herself about it. 
It's the cutest, funniest thing.

Speaking of funny... she is just that. Her personality is coming out so much lately and she is just a ham. She loves cocking her head sideways and smiling at you when you're trying to get her attention. She also loves talking - oftentimes if she makes a noise and you mimic it back to her, she loves it and will continue making noises back and forth with you. Dadada is her favorite thing to say - we can't tell if she knows what she's saying, but regardless - it's her first word. :) She loves laughing, examining people's faces (she thinks moving eyebrows are funny), and swinging at the park.

We're so thankful for such a life loving, giggly girl! She's the best!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Belle has had a big week! She seems to be growing at the speed of light lately!

She has become a pro at crawling and sitting herself up this week. She's so cute to watch do both of those things because it's obvious that she's really proud of herself. She's also becoming more skilled at pulling herself up - on EVERYthing. She won't always go all the way to her feet, but she pulls herself up on whatever she can find - which has made me have to baby proof a little more. It's crazy to think that just a couple weeks ago she was doing none of this stuff and then BOOM - all of it! 
Just a couple days ago she said her first word - "Dada" - I don't think she realizes what she's saying but she says it constantly - over and over again all day. She refuses to even try saying "Mama". Haha. We're also relatively positive that she mimicked Barry yesterday and said "hey you" back to him. We couldn't get her to repeat it, but it's obvious that she's trying to mimic the sounds she hears, which is awesome! 

Also this week she experienced her first round of constipation which turned her into a little fussy butt (quite understandably). Four days of grunting and whining and no naps - whew. Right when I finally got a hold of a pediatrician and went and got the stuff to help her go, she blew out her diaper big time and then again a few hours later. It was funny, because she immediately became my happy girl again. Haha. Glad that's over with!

Monday, November 3, 2014


Our little pumpkin had her first head cold this week - thankfully it never got worse than that... just lots and lots of snot (and snuggles and tears too). I made her a homemade chest rub as soon as I realized what was going on and that helped her breathe and sleep normally. Other than that, there's really not a whole lot you can do - babies don't know how to blow their nose on command, so it just runs and runs and grosses everyone out.Belle whipped her head back and forth so fast while I was trying to wipe her nose that I've decided it could be a Survivor challenge to try to wipe a baby's nose without wiping it all over their face. Sheesh. Oh well - I'm just glad we made it without a fever or anything else to speak of. 
Like I said last week, we also spent the entire week sleep training so that on Sunday the time change wouldn't really affect our schedule. Nights were rough keeping her up an extra hour, but it was so worth it yesterday when I had to actually go wake her up because she was sleeping in. I had even gotten up early because I didn't think the sleep training would actually work... but I'm so glad she proved me wrong! After yesterday morning going so smoothly with me getting up quite a bit earlier than her, I've chosen to keep trying to get up at what would've been my normal time since I wake up on queue every morning. It's really nice to have an hour to myself before Belle wakes up... especially since she's not napping much these days. This week we're going to be trying different nap times to see if she needs to start taking two short naps instead of me trying to get her to wait until the afternoon for a long one. We'll see what happens.

In BIG news - Belle pulled herself all the way up onto her feet for the first time yesterday! We were sitting eating lunch on the couch and she decided she wanted to join us. First she got up to her knees which I freaked out over because it was the first time she had done that completely by herself and then BOOM! 2 seconds later she was up on her feet! I cried. She's growing up way too fast for my liking.
She also discovered that she can crawl over our pillow railing in the living room. So who knows what we're going to do about that. The special sized baby gate we'd need to separate the two levels in our living room is a little pricey... so I guess she's going to have to stay on the bottom level or I'm going to have to sit with her while she plays on the top level from now on. Haha.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Can I just brag on Belle and say she is just an angel baby? Because she is. She has her crazy moments and I've wanted to pull my hair out a few times - but that's never been the norm and Barry and I are so thankful for that fact! 
This week I decided to start training her to fall asleep on her own and other than one nap time so far, I've been able to lay her down at naps and bedtime somewhat or completely awake and she hasn't thrown a fit. I'm hoping this continues because it's been really freeing knowing that if we ever wanted to stay out late one night in the future we have hopes that a babysitter could put her to bed. We're going to continue doing this from here on out. Next is to figure out if I can break her of needing nursed right before bed because I only plan on nursing until she hits the one year mark (which is coming up so soon... good grief!). I'm just sure that's what keeps her asleep so long each night, making me very nervous to change that. So we'll see. lol
This week we're just going to focus on getting her schedule knocked up an hour so that the time change on Sunday actually allows me to gain an hour of sleep :)