Thank{fully} Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all!

I like to imagine all of you reading this either on your way to see family or just after indulging in your second helping of your great grandmother's favorite holiday recipe! I hope today is full of everything in your life you are most thankful for.

My little family of three will be spending time with our family and friends eating lots of food and taking long naps snuggled up together. All of which are things we take for granted a lot of the time but today we'll be reminded to be thankful for.

I hope you take time to reflect on all the simple and beautiful things in your life not only today, but throughout the year. Thankfulness is a practice - one that can be life changing when practiced daily!

Cheers to practicing thankfulness! 

20 Months

20 months isn't really that different from 19 months, so I don't feel I have a lot to write about, but I'm sure once I get going, more details will come to me!
She continues to be a life loving, happy go lucky little tot. She has definitely discovered the word 'no' and does everything from mumbling it to shouting it daily - which makes our days full of fun. Oy. She has been a pretty snugglebug lately though, which more than makes up for the constant 'no, no, NO'.
She did cut all four of her canine teeth this month and was quite the little champ about it although there are bite marks on just about every surface of our home and the grocery carts at Target.
She's loving pretending with her dolls and toys lately (she's the sweetest mama to her babies) and really loves mimicking anything she sees me doing. Because of this, she loves helping me clean up messes and really do any chore around the house because she's getting to do 'big girl' things like mama.
Her feet went up a shoe size over the past month which means she finally fits into her next stock of new-to-her shoes and she is obsessed with them. She wants to put a different pair of shoes on every few minutes. She likes them so much, they are now in a bucket at the foot of her bed for her to play with regularly throughout the day.
We've started really simple homeschool 'lessons' this month that last no more than a half hour each day. Usually some combination of some sort of art lesson - whether chalk, coloring, or playdough, physical activity and a nature walk in our backyard to find acorns or different color leaves or ladybugs. She loves it and it's a good intentional part of our day to learn something new or practice something we've been learning. 
In addition to school lessons, we've started Bible lessons and praying with her daily. We're going through the Jesus Storybook Bible and since sometimes it's a little lengthy for her attention span - we just take it a page at at time. She loves praying - she's folds her hands and covers her eyes and prompts us to pray more frequently than we usually prompt her - which is both humbling and heartwarming at the same time.

Well I guess I did have more to write about than I thought. It is crazy to think that in a few short months she'll be a two year old. Yikes. How on earth did that happen?

Thank You

Thank you to all the men and women who have served and those who are currently serving. 
I honor you... 
For giving up normal life. For having to leave your family at the drop of a dime for the sake of your country. For struggling through the hardships that are thrown at you that others may not understand.
For those times you speak up and those times you bite your tongue.
For being compassionate. For being fierce. For being brave. 
I honor your spouses, your families, your friends that stand by you. 
For supporting you. For encouraging you. For lifting you up. For being your anchor.


Thank you to this smokin hot hunk of a soldier.
You are the most honorable, hardworking man I know.
I'm honored to stand by your side while you serve our country. 


Don't forget to give thanks to the veterans in your life.
Some experience things you will never understand.
Some have wounds that will never heal.
Because they decided to serve the country we live in.
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