Monday, December 15, 2014

Nine Months // 39/52

Our little nugget is 9 months old in a couple days! She had her check up this week and she's perfect as usual. 
Petite thing that she is, has hardly gained 2 pounds since her last appointment, weighing in at 16 pounds and in the 25th percentile poundage. She grew three inches taller - she's 27" which shot her up to the 30th percentile. Our homework before her 12 month appointment is to get her feeding her self without any assistance from us. It's going to be work because she really doesn't feed herself anything unless it's a sweet potato fry or a leaf. Ha. 

She's still consistently sleeping about 11-12 hours straight through at night. Although she has had an occasional bout of waking early (probably due to the 9 month sleep regression stage). Thankfully though, she has been taking consistent naps each day that last about 2-3 hours. I've learned I just have to be diligent about getting her napping at the same time for her to be consistent in how long she naps. 

She eats like a champ. She loves her purees but we've been instructed to use up what we have left and switch her to only solids. In other words - it's about to get messy, which neither Barry or I are particularly looking forward to. She likes to squish her food between her fingers and then throw it. Yay. But I guess that's baby life. So now she'll continue nursing and have three meals a day. She was still nursing 5 times a day + a bottle up until a couple weeks ago and I've now gotten her down to nursing 4x a day + a bottle at nap time. That could go back up, if she doesn't eat enough at mealtimes, but hopefully not, because I'm liking the freedom. Haha. Like I already mentioned, she loves sweet potato fries, and although she's had it mostly in puree form - she really likes quinoa and butternut squash. 

Her activity level just continues to amaze me. She NEVER - and I mean NEVER stops moving. The rare moments where she'll sit still on our laps or give us a quick snuggle are so precious - because they hardly ever happen. She's got her crawl perfected and can now pull up on EVERYTHING - even on flat walls. She walks along the couch and other longer things she can pull up on walk beside. She loves getting into everything she can and somehow finds the things she's not supposed to be getting into, the most fun - my books, . She's getting awful close to being able to climb stairs and can climb over just about everything else. She loves sitting up on daddy's shoulders as he walks her through the house. She loves bathtime, but is not a fan of splashing or getting her face wet. She likes talking to her other baby friends in squeaks and squawks. She can say dada and nana and is getting closer everyday to saying mama as she finally has the 'ma' sound down. She likes to blow kisses, give hugs and almost has clapping down. 
She's still the goofiest, happiest little peanut around. We just love her so much!

Sidenote: I don't actually allow her to eat leaves.

Monday, December 8, 2014


This week our little pumpkin cut her first tooth! Woohoo! I had no idea what was happening until she accidentally munched on my finger while I was feeding her one night. She had been a little clingy and fussy most of the week and I thought she just missed Barry, but she was pushing a tooth through and did it without any medicine and hardly any crying. What a champ! It's super cute too, it's a front tooth on the bottom and it clinks on her cups and spoons. She's a little shy about it and doesn't let anyone see it if she can help it. What a stinker. 

She has started slowly walking along the couch! Ahhh! We just know she's going to be an early walker and I'm going to lose my mind. Haha. She's also discovered that her arms can go behind her and she waves them back like a penguin all the time now. It's the funniest thing to watch. This week she switched from saying dada to saying nana - not sure where that came from, but it's getting closer to "mama", so I'm not complaining. 

Her 9 month check-up is later this week, so we're excited to see how much she's grown since her 6 month appointment!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Always moving = blurry hands

This week we've noticed a mischievous side coming out of Belle. Somehow she inherently knows to be silent when she's doing something she shouldn't. We've caught her in a trash can, eating notebook paper, and ripping books apart this week and each time she was dead silent. How do babies know to do that? Blows my mind.
We also came to the conclusion this week that Belle is indeed a little shy. Her personality does a dramatic tone down when she is around strangers or people she doesn't know well. At home she is the most playful, babbles on and on non stop, and smiles freely. When we're with a group of people she doesn't know real well she just stares and studies the people in question and generally doesn't make a peep. It's kind of funny.

She definitely gets these new traits honest!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Even though these pictures don't show it, she's becoming quite the ham.
She's constantly cheesin, giggling, blowing raspberries, and acting bashful with people.
She was just too enthralled with the leaves to pay any mind to me taking pictures of her.
She's such a funny duck!