Splish Splash!

Lounging in the sun!


She loves our sectional couch.

This week was real good. It was sunny and beautiful out almost everyday. We went to the Zoo with friends, partied it up at another friend's first birthday and tried lots of new foods. She had her first taco (well the whole two bites of it that she ate). We found her some cute shoes for $0.97 (Old Navy clearance for the win). Hung out with her little cousin. It was just a really good week. She's also back to her normal sleeping habits again which makes life so much easier! 
Pretty thankful for this little babe who is always teaching me something.

If you come to my house on a Tuesday

If you come over to my house on a Tuesday, or a Friday, or really any day that I haven't had at least 24 hours advance notice - you will find my house looking a little like this:

When you first come in, feel free to throw your stuff anywhere - our kitchen table is a pretty good place for anything from half eaten bananas, a pile of clean laundry or your keys and change from the day. Watch your step though - you may step on the basket full of toys that has been picked up and dumped out at least 168 times today. There is probably also a few pieces of pasta or peas that my baby threw across the room when I wasn't looking. Lucky for you they are most likely dried out, because it's been a few days since I vacummed - or maybe a few weeks? I don't really know anymore.
When I offer you something to drink I'm going to be kicking myself for not buying red solo cups this week, because if you take me up on my offer it's going to add to the pile of dirty dishes in the sink that is already creeping out of the sink and onto the counter (not including all the random used dishes sitting in the living room). Oh and when you come into the kitchen, please don't judge me on the fact that there is a bunch of empty food boxes, cartons and containers on the floor.... my kid really likes playing with empty cereal boxes.
After we've poured ourselves some tea, we can go hang out on a comfy couch in the living room and catch up. Oh whoops, let me grab that bottle, spit up rag and (double oops) my bra off the couch. Please ignore the other couch that's actually has so much laundry on it, it hasn't been sat on for over a week. By the time I get the clothes washed and dried and brought in on "laundry day", I really have no time to fold them - I will make my fifteenth attempt at folding them tomorrow or after you leave tonight.... but most likely not for a few more days.
Now we can finally chat. Sorry if I seem a bit distracted though, every time we laugh I get super nervous that the babe is going to wake up early from her nap. But I like laughing and I don't want us to stop.... so I'm just going to sit here and silently pray to the Lord that she's sleeping like a rock in the other room. Oh, the bathroom? It's right down the hall... fair warning, I seriously don't remember cleaning it this week. There is most likely a few onesies hanging on the shower curtain due to not wanting to do a load of laundry per diaper blowout. There is also evidence of postpartum hormones making me shed hair like a dog, as you will see... on the floor, on the sink (something I do try to wipe out daily... because EW.) and most definitely stuck on the back of the toilet seat, thanks to my hairdryer whipping it around the room. Sorry... but Belle screams every time I leave her, to use the bathroom, so I don't really spend much time in there these days, forcing cleaning to take a backseat. Oh and for the love - PLEASE don't look in my bathtub. I know we as women get nosy and want to know what brand of shampoo the other uses, but please, leave me a little shred of dignity by not looking in.
Oh, yes that's her waking up... I'll probably be very distracted the rest of the time you're here, due to the fact that my little tot is constantly getting into everything and our house isn't fully baby-proofed. So forgive me when I have to ask you to repeat yourself a couple times or my conversation isn't very eloquent. Or I have to keep going from room to room as I hear her getting into things.
Gosh, where did the time go? It looks like you have to head off to your exciting evening plans. Thanks so much for swinging by to catch up on my glamorous mama life. Hopefully it didn't scare you from having kids one day soon, because if you're married, there is a good chance I'm praying for you to get pregnant asap so that I can have another mama friend who understands what my life is like right now.
Most of all, thanks for not judging the crap out of my unkempt house (and let's be honest.... my hair and outfit probably scream "unkempt" too). Feel free to come by any time.... just know that if I don't have that 24 hours heads up, it won't be the last time you set foot in this beautiful, happy mess.

10 months // 44/52

Golly, I can't believe our little nugget is 10 months old already!
She's accomplished so much this month!

Last month our pediatrician told us to make the switch from purees to solid foods and to work on letting her feed herself. Although she gets an occasional food pouch (usually while we're out or on the road) she's feeding herself solids on a daily basis now and she now has TWO little teeth to munch things up with! We've tried lots of new foods this month including - yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, mango, raisin toast, broccoli, cauliflower, hummus, beans, pasta with tomato sauce. She tries everything at least once. She LOVES my raisin toast and pasta, not a huge fan of cottage cheese or broccoli though. She still nurses 4 times a day + a bottle, although we've had a couple days where she's only nursed 3 times... so I think that's about to happen - I hope that's about to happen. Haha.

Her sleeping this month has just been all out of whack. Between traveling for the holidays and our trip to the mountains it has just messed with her. She was waking up an hour and half early for about a week and then sleeping in for 45 minutes one week, not taking naps, taking naps for only half her regular amount of time. UG. I can't wait for her to get back on track.... I feel like I'm a zombie. My friends that have babies that don't sleep on a regular schedule must be superheroes. Cause one month of this craziness and I'm ready to say Belle will be an only child. Haha.

I've started her on a new waking/feeding schedule recently and it seems to be helping a bit. We just have to tweak the nap-time so that she stays asleep for her regular 2.5 hours. Switching her back to her regular nap time seems to do the trick, but she just gets so fussy waiting for that time to come.

She started clapping her hands this month, can start a game of peek-a-boo with us, learned how to climb UP the stairs, can take a few steps while pushing her walker, can stand on her own for a few seconds at a time, can now scream at volumes previously undiscovered, as well as throw tantrums when she is told "no". She can open (cracked) doors, sign "all done", and is trying to learn how to throw or toss things. Admittedly this month she's been a bit of a handful... there have been so many fun things going on that are making me love this stage of her development, but there have been a few things that make me want to hide in my room sometimes. This week she almost exclusively wanted me... didn't want anything to do with Daddy, didn't want to be left alone for a single minute. That was not fun. I know everyone says to enjoy it while it lasts.... but good grief - I'd like to pee every once in awhile without her wailing outside the door. It already seems to be letting up a little bit and she's getting back to her normal happy, independent self, but the past couple weeks were a little rough. But like I said - it was a fun month too! I love watching her grow and learn new things - it makes me so proud when I see how proud of herself she is.

We're so blessed to be this little munchkin's parents.... even through the tough stuff, she always makes us smile!
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