Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Belle's Little Space

I'd say it's about time I post this sucker, seeing as it's been sitting in my draft box since before Belle was born! We finished getting everything in her room set up about a week before she was born (shoowee - talk about cutting it close!). It looks a bit different now that we've been using the room. There is a rocking chair in place of the toy box, boxes of diapers and wipes in the corner, and the humidifier has since relocated to a more central location in the house until she starts sleeping in her room. 
Overall though, these pictures will give you a general idea of what her pretty little room looks like! 

View from the bedroom door
Notice how everything is clean, organized and not cluttered? Ya... it's not quite that way any more.... haha.

Just yesterday I moved the toy box (which is full of a bunch of my old crap and not toys) and put our rocking chair there, to make nighttime feedings a little easier. The hoard of stuffed animals she can't play with just yet are now making their home in the pack and play that she has yet to sleep in.

Can't wait until she has somewhat of an attention span so I can start reading to her!

A slightly different view from the door

Aren't those homemade blocks the cutest?
This is where I keep all her burp cloths and hygiene items within easy reach of her changing station.

View from the closet corner
Since we had a lot happen to slow down progress on the crib Barry is building by hand, we're using the pack 'n' play until he gets time to finish it up. 

So there ya have it! Her own little space that hardly gets used.... Haha. Nursery's have always been funny things to me because the baby rarely actually spends time in them for the first couple months... or until they start sleeping in their crib. We've yet to decide when that will be for Belle.... I like having her close by. :)

Monday, April 14, 2014


I don't know what to even say about this picture.... her face is hilarious to me. I don't really know what all to say about this week either - it's been full of ups and downs.

The great news is we had another check up and she's over 7lbs - I'm guessing about 7 1/2 lbs by now and her jaundice is gone! Woohoo! With such a good report from the doctor we've now started to let her sleep longer at night. She's increased her sleeping from about 2 hours to about 4 hours already.... which is wonderful - I'm only up twice a night now! On the flip side however, we're also starting to transition from bottle feeding to nursing and although she's being a champ about the whole thing - there have been tears and screaming on both of our ends.
Breastfeeding is not for the faint of heart... that's for sure. Mild Mastitis isn't either... it's a pain that is almost comparable to labor pains.

I literally have no idea what she is doing here but I'm so glad she did it while I was taking pictures. Haha.
The "calm before the storm" face..... notice how red she is - it's because she's about to erupt.
In other news... she's continuing to be more and more alert during the times of day she's awake. She's also crying a lot more (her cool and collected nature could only last so long I guess) and starting to produce tears (which completely breaks my heart every time I see them). Barry and I think she's a lot more fussy because she's getting irritated that she can't move around as she pleases... she gets bored pretty quickly so we have to give her a lot of different points of view by moving her from back to belly or couch to floor. I think once she gets her neck muscles stronger and can mover her head around the way she wants to, she'll be less fussy again... until then, we get to see a lot of this face:

She's still a very happy and easy to please baby for the most part.... even with the occasional screaming. Haha..
She spends most of the day making cute sounds, dancing with me, wiggling, snuggling, and just looking around. Can't believe our little bug will be a month old in just a couple days! Yikes!

Shooting her arms up in the air is a constant thing now...

So Mommas, any of ya'll deal with painful nursing? 
What helped you?

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Dropping... All of my busyness. I'm usually a person who is go-go-go all the time, keeps the house super clean, has dinner ready and hot when Barry gets home, never says no to anything or anyone and stresses over not having it all together. But since having a baby, I've had to put all of my busy ways on hold and get into the habit of not having it together. Diapers can explode with poop as I'm leaving the house or I can have baby vomit shot into my hair and down my shirt as I'm hanging out with a friend (both of which happened in a three hour period this week). Ha... that was a fun afternoon. It's a learning process and one that's totally worth it, but I'll admit it's difficult sometimes.

Making... I just made some yummy homemade pizza for dinner (I'll have to share the recipe sometime, seeing as the recipe is SO EASY). Earlier this week I made a batch of whole wheat protein waffles. I was struggling finding time in the morning to fix and eat breakfast myself because I was so busy with pumping & feeding / changing Belle. So during one of her afternoon naps this week, I made a ton of these "power waffles" and froze them. I can just pop them in the toaster oven and have an on the go breakfast.... woopwoop!

Wearing... Haha.... my outfit of necessity lately, is workout shorts or pants and a t-shirt.... I get spit up on or poop smeared a couple times a day so there is really no point in putting "real clothes" on for the day. I will usually take a shower and make myself look a little more human later in the day but for most of the day you can find me looking like a gym rat.

Kissing... All over my baby girl.... she loves being kissed repeatedly on her cheeks and nose. Admittedly I love doing it too, seeing as I've got the cutest baby in the world.

Keeping... My sanity is pretty well intact these days. Even with the lack of sleep and the plain exhaustion by the end of each day, I still feel pretty good and like myself somehow. I definitely have my moments of not being able to articulate what I'm trying to say because I'm too tired and I end up sounding like a crazy or uneducated ninkampoop, but otherwise I'd like to imagine I'm keeping things together pretty well. Haha..

So what are you doing CURRENTLY?

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Our little bug is THREE WEEKS old  today! She spends more and more time awake during the day and is sleeping for longer spells at night already - thanks to her eating increasing every couple days. Though we won't know exactly how much weight she's gained until her checkup tomorrow, we're pretty sure she's been gaining that "ounce a day" the doctor ordered. She's chunking out and getting the cutest little rolls on her legs and chin!

Part way through the week my brother came into town for a day to meet lil' Belle... 
it was a lot of fun to watch them interact.

After a week full of spit ups, poopy blowouts, and peeing all over herself mid diaper change, we experienced her first bath. As is her way, she was very calm about the whole process... the soap and water didn't phase her one bit. What a goof. After drying her off she looked like a little chick with her fuzzy hair going in every which direction. I couldn't stand how cute it looked!

 This week we've noticed her getting a little more playful and definitely a lot more aware of her surroundings (like she can sense when I both enter and leave a room.... no matter how quiet I am). We can't wait until she starts reacting in smiles and laughs to all of our crazy antics with her.

One of her favorite ways to sleep is with her hands up by her face/head/neck.

This is a new thing of hers.... putting her fingers in her mouth and then seeing how far she can pull her lips. Haha.What a silly baby.

She sure makes the long nights and spit up covered t-shirts worth it.