24 Weeks

Helloooo baby bump! Little Hunter James is growing like a weed during this stage of pregnancy and I can for sure tell with as hungry as I am! At this point he can be nearly 12 inches long and is about the size of a French coffee press! Which might explain why my belly feels pretty heavy with child these days! Very much like Belle was at this stage, he is incredibly active in the mornings and evenings and sometimes I can tell he is putting his full weight into the way he's kicking to maneuver himself.

The heartburn I'm experiencing when it comes to spicy foods (my love language) is making me think he'll have just as much hair as Belle did if the old wives tale holds true. I know at this point his facial features are formed so I'm actually pretty excited that I get that extra ultrasound next appointment and get to piece together what I think he'll look like. Today Belle told me he's going to look like Daddy, but have darker hair like me, as opposed to her blonde locks.

At our check up this week my doc said that his heartbeat was perfect, that I'm measuring perfectly and my health is great. She also reminded me that since he's about to start packing on the pounds, that I can go ahead and increase my calories even more, to which I laughed a bit because... holy smokes I can't not eat with how hungry I always seem to be! Bring on the tacos ya'll!

I think mine and Barry's excitement to meet this little man is only rivaled by our Belle. She is a constant ball of excitement over being a big sister and her little baby "Hunt". She has also gone back to believing that she is also pregnant and has a little boy named Hunter who kicks her and makes her need 'treats' every day... wouldn't know where she gets that from!

Taco Salad

This edition of tasty Tuesday is the best sort of one because it involves #tacotuesday. Anyone who knows and loves me (and even those who don't love me) knows that the way to my heart is through tacos and really any sort of Mexican cuisine. The problem with Mexican food is that it can be very fat and carb heavy and a little low on nutritional value if you just grab something off a typical restaurant menu. So I make most of my taco feasting happen at home where I have control over the portions and what goes into the food. I eat this taco salad nearly once a week, if not more because LEFTOVERS am I right? It's clean, healthy and SO GOOD.

Taco Salad

1 cup of Shredded lettuce
1/4 cup of cilantro lime quinoa* and black beans
1/3 cup of clean guacamole that I top with maybe a tablespoon of shredded cheese
1/2 cup salsa (I prefer the fresher the better - look for the salsa stored in the refrigerated section)
3/4 cup grilled chicken (I will cook mine with homemade taco seasoning)
3/4 cup of sautéed peppers and red onion (I cut mine into strips and saute them in 1/2 tsp of olive or coconut oil and water)
1/4 cup of diced tomatoes
Garnish with fresh cilantro

The timing of cooking this meal is everything, so I typically start by having my guac already made. Then I kick off dinner prep by pan grilling my chicken and starting the quinoa at the same time. Once both of those are started I dice and cut up all my fresh veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and onions) and then throw the peppers and onions in a pan to start softening - I like mine a little blackened, so I leave them on there for a long while. Once everything is done I throw it all in a big bowl, garnish with a little fresh cilantro and dig in! I could honestly eat it nearly every day and be a happy woman!

What is your favorite meal? (Because if you haven't put together, this is kind of mine! Ha)

**Cook up 2 cups of quinoa, squeeze a lime in, 2 tablespoons of cilantro and sprinkle with kosher salt. Voila!

Portion Fix equivalents:
1 yellow, 1 blue, 1/2 purple (salsa), 1 red, 2 green

23 Weeks

My little man and I were the busiest of bees the first part of this past week, soaking up the sunshine and cleaning out our shed as we prepare to move. Then the weather snapped from the 70's to the 30's and I've had a little sinus cold. Probably the tiniest one I've ever experienced, but has forced me to slow down and rest a bit more this week because beating a cold while pregnant is a little trickier than when you're not.

In the best of news, Hunter is getting really familiar with kicking and spinning and letting me know he's in there and going to give me a run for my money once he makes it to the outside. He is the most active first thing in the morning (hello morning coffee) and right before I go to sleep - almost always from 11-midnight he can be felt rolling around like he's trying to find a comfy spot in bed (he gets that from his mama). He has also inflicted a few aches and pains on me this week, but nothing too severe, for which I'm thankful.

This week he is about the size of a burrito or eggplant, which makes a whole lot of sense seeing as I commonly feel like I'm toting around a large burrito under my belly button. This week I've noticed that my abs are still visible first thing in the morning and then commonly by after lunch I have a full fledged bump going on. It's so funny to me how different the size of my bump can change in a matter of hours depending on what all I stick in that belly.

I'm pretty smitten with this little guy. I'm looking forward to settling and nesting with all things blue in the next month or so!

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