Something New #15

Every Friday in 2016 I share something new I did that week, here's this week's!
[[Clearly the above statement is a falsehood, as I have not posted the past two Fridays - oops.]]

This past week Barry and I hit up Mercy Lounge to see our friend Kyler Daron and his band open up for Remedy Drive. It was both a first for me going to Mercy Lounge and a first for both of us in hearing our friend perform live. It was truly a treat. You know how we're all looking for those things we were just born to do? Well we got to watch our friend do that thing of his. It was amazing and we're both so excited for and proud of him!
Ya'll should just go ahead and check his music out!

What's something new you've done this week?

Ebb & Flow

I feel like there is a constant ebb & flow to gardening - at least in my experience. I'll be giddy over my garden's progress one day and completely discouraged the next, due to environmental circumstances beyond my control. 
I've been in the latter category for a couple weeks, due to a pest problem ruining over half of my tomato plants and all but destroying my spinach crop.
I feel I'm on the other side of that emotional flipflop, so I plan to show you my progress and tips in dealing with squirrels and cats in your garden next week. Because they are little demon spawns when it comes to how they treat someone's garden beds and you gotta know how to deal with it.

In the mean time, here is a quick snapshot of my little urban garden BEFORE unwelcome guests got all up in my business.

Cinnamon Basil

Witty Bitty Tomato plant


A sampling of tomatoes

Do you garden? What are your plants lookin' like these days?

Treat Yo'Self Nashville Style

When two of your dearest friends come for a girls weekend, you pull out all the stops. Especially when you've been telling them for years that they just need to take the plunge and move to the same city as you - you show them all the things.

Nashville has everything you could ever want in a city in my personal opinion but one of the things they do best is food. You truly never have a need to eat at a chain restaurant if you don't want to. The local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are just too good to even think about going elsewhere. So we ate all weekend long. 

Since we are all hard working, busy moms we also decided that the entire weekend would be full of pampering and treating ourselves. From spoiling ourselves with new outfits to having one of my amazingly talented friends come over and do our hair and makeup for our night out, downtown. We went big and it was a straight up dream, ya'll! I highly recommend doing a treat yo'self day for you and your girls asap. It will make you feel like a new woman.

Favorite moments and eats of the weekend include...

Late night manicures & margaritas
Maple Bacon Crepe at The Red Bicycle
Fitting room pep talks
Corn Puddin' at B&C Farmer's Market BBQ
Candid heart to hearts throughout the ENTIRE weekend
Learning new things about each other after 10 years of friendship 
Bourbon Poppers at Whiskey Kitchen
Getting to share my home with those who know me best

What are your favorite ways to treat yourself and your gal pals in your city?
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