17 Months

Oh hello there? I'm like a week late in posting this little "update" on Belle. I totally forgot about it, because as the pictures show, I'm the mom of a very busy toddler. I truly have no idea how 'mom blogs' are even a thing? Like how in the world do those moms sit down and blog each day? I just barely get to shower most days. 

Anyway, this post is supposed to be out the wonderful, crazy little kid of ours, isn't it? Whoops.

So this whole month I've thought she was 18 months old, it wasn't until I opened up my blog that I realized I was actually wrong. Oh well. I've also been working on this post for about 5 days now, so by the time I finish it, she may actually be 18 months. L.O.L.

Belle continues to be our little ball of sunshine - even when she's driving us crazy or pushing all of our buttons, she's still sweet. I really don't know how to explain it. She just has a sweet disposition that even when she's being stubborn or disobedient or whatever, she still does it in a way that is sweet. 
However, the past couple weeks we've really been seeing her stubborn side - something she gets from both Barry and I, so obviously she thinks she can out-stubborn us. I've learned pretty quickly that it's about picking your battles, because once we set a rule, being consistent is absolutely necessary and there are some things that just aren't worth fighting that uphill battle. 

When she's not actively trying to do something she's not supposed to be doing [like climbing onto the filing cabinet 16 times a day], she's still just a happy kid. She looooooves giving kisses and hugs, clapping along to her 'A B C's', swinging at the park for about 20 minutes at a time, being outside, snuggling while watching Daniel Tiger, playing peekaboo, being in water of any sort - at any time, eating whole boxes of raisins in about 7 seconds, running around the house with one arm pumping back and forth, laughing along with adults or really about anything at all. She hasn't picked up any new words, though she is trying to use the 't' and 'ph' sound. She's got a pretty big underbite going on, so we're wondering if that may have something to do with why she's not using real words yet. We'll probably check on that at her next well-check next month. 
Though she's always been a bit of a daddy's girl, it's becoming more and more pronounced. She now squeals and shakes when Barry walks through the door at night. It's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. 
She's become quite the picky eater - sometimes skipping meals entirely because she refuses to eat what we have. Weirdo. She's also been waking up regularly in the middle of the night screaming (almost like she had a nightmare), but I go and give her a hug and she's usually back to snoozing shortly after. I on the other hand take a good while to fall back asleep. Ug. The past couple nights she has literally asked to go to bed at night. She pats us and points to her bedroom and then walks in there and waits for us. It's hilarious and welcome since we're usually excited for going to bed these days too. Haha.

We love our sweet girl! Can't believe how fast she's growing up!


So Mama's, what are some of your go-to toddler meals?

Dear Belle

Dear Belle...
I love to take little moments each day to just take you all in.
To watch you when you are in your own world or when you're being the goofball you truly are.
You're the coolest little person I know. 
I love being your mama.
I love that you always choose your purple shoes when I give you the choice. That you stop what you're doing and start twirling when I turn Sam Hunt on. That you know I'll always stop what I'm doing when you bring me a book to read to you. I love your giggles when you're picking up vibes that something the adults are talking about is funny. It fills my heart up when you run to me with your arms open for a hug.
Dear sweet girl, I pray your heart stays soft and kind. Few things make me smile as much as when I see you sharing, almost to a fault - I mean, you tried to give away your lunch to someone the other day. I love that even when your friends run from your hugs or take toys out of your hand or shove you out of the way, your most common response is kindness. I love that you love people. I love seeing you spread joy in the grocery store when you wave to every single person we pass by. I love that you can be the life of a party, but I also love that you know when your introvert soul needs to take a moment and you just walk in your room and close the door to play by yourself for a moment. I hope you always know yourself that well. I'm overjoyed that you love helping and serving - whether that be by cleaning your toys up or by setting up a beautiful spread out of your toy picnic basket, seeing your face light up when you do these things never ceases to flood my heart with joy. I hope serving others in love is something you always do.

You make my life fuller and you nudge me to be better.

All my love, pumpkin.

Your Mama

Cummins Falls

Our latest adventure was a day trip to Cummins Falls!

It was full of...
Packing our vehicles with friends and Chacos.
Jammin' to T-Swizzle for an hour in a minivan with some of my favorite ladies.
Wearing our tater tot like a backpack.
Taking detours to take pictures and splash in mini-falls.
Walking through a herd? pack? swarm of butterflies.
 Being well loved by friends who hold, help with, play with & teach new things to our little Belle.
Tackling new challenges and impressing myself.
Poor fast food dinner decisions to laugh about the next day.

It was such a beautiful, fun filled day! We were so thankful we got to experience it with our munchkin and some of our "framily". I foresee a lot of waterfall trips in our future, especially after seeing how Belle handled the falls and hiking like a champ. She didn't protest even once that I remember - love her!

What killer summer adventure have you taken lately?
Do you have a favorite waterfall?

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