Monday, September 1, 2014


Can we just talk about how big she is?
I mean c'mon! 

Happy Labor Day folks!

Monday, August 25, 2014


This week we've just been very sleepy girls. We had early morning after early morning for Dr appointments and other such things and it just wore us out. So there has been a lot of crying, napping, & fussy buttness. We made it to the other side though *hopefully* without making early mornings a habit. Today she woke up around 7:30 and I've just let her continue to grunt and soothe herself back to sleep until 9 this morning so that hopefully she'll get back to her regular routine. I know those earlier mornings will probably become a way of life soon enough, I'm holding on to her perfect get up time as long as I can! In other news she's doing better and better when she's away from me. We went on another date this weekend and she did great (yay!) and she's still doing great in the nursery.
She's also getting so close to crawling, it's ridiculous. I don't know what I'm going to do if she starts crawling soon... baby-proofing our little home is going to be a bit difficult with no good places to hide things. Yikes! Haha.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Our pumpkin girl turned 5 MONTHS old yesterday! 
I'm trying not to think of how quickly that flew by, but whew.... it went SO FAST! 

She's our little talker & mover. She never stops talking & screeching & giggling... it's so funny! 
Even though she's not crawling, she can still manage to end up in totally different places than where I left her. She's still our little visual child that has to check everything out, knows immediately if someone walks in or out of a room, rarely falls asleep while we're out because she has to keep her eye on everything. She's still not a huge fan of food but we discovered that avocado is her bread and butter. She loves it - it's really the only thing I can get her to eat. Her teething, though still happening, doesn't seem to be giving her pain right now. We do have to carry her teething rings with us everywhere as she always wants them to chew on. She's back to napping regularly- usually a 2-3 hour one every afternoon and she still sleeps through the night. [What a dream]. We've noticed that as much as she likes people, she gets really overwhelmed around a big group of people she doesn't know. I would not be surprised if she's an introverted kid. She'd get it honest, that's for sure. Nursing is going pretty well these days as she's not eating every hour anymore - we can actually go about 3 hours during the day in between meals and a couple hours in the evening! She has decided nursing under a cover is no longer an option 99% of the time, so that's been fun to figure out when out in public. 

She's still out little angel babe, we're so thankful to be her parents!

Monday, August 11, 2014


Our little girl is growing up so fast! This week she has become a pro at rolling over from her back to her tummy. Something she rarely did before last week. Now within seconds of laying her on her back she will be on her tummy. We're excited because it's a step in the right direction for crawling. Something she's clearly trying to figure out. She moves around so much while on the floor. I can put her down in one place and 10 minutes later she's playing a few feet away from where I left her and facing the opposite direction! She's also pushing her chest & trunk higher and higher off the ground. It's truly only a matter of time I'm sure. YIKES. We're still working on sitting - it's something she'll do for a little while, but she hasn't perfected it yet, so it's not her favorite. She still prefers to stand up when it comes down to it.
Also this week she finally got her toes in her mouth - she's been trying to do it for weeks but didn't have the grasp control or flexibility. Now it's all I can do to keep her from sucking her big toe at all times.
Her teething has slowed down or at least become less painful (praise.God.), she's still drooling and chewing on things non-stop, but she's only been taking medicine once a day instead of every few hours. So that's great news - we have our happy baby back! 
She had a couple first experiences this week too! We went to the Zoo with one of our mama/baby girl friends. Even though Belle really didn't know what she was looking at - she seemed to enjoy herself. She liked checking out the flamingos - probably because of their bright color.
She also had her first experience in the nursery at church! The past few weeks it's been increasingly obvious that she just really wants to play and talk (she's got a killer new noise going on right now that sounds like a screaming dinosaur) and it's impossible for me to focus on what's being taught while I'm holding a baby that doesn't stop moving. Hence the move to the nursery. Though I wasn't there, everyone she was with said she did great! She also napped epically once we got home - so winwin!

We're so proud of our baby girl! She's amazing!